Yoga enhances and improves the quality of our lives.

 Jacquelyn Cotey - Lifestyles Yoga

Jacquelyn Cotey - Lifestyles Yoga

Why practice yoga? As our lifestyles become more and more demanding it is essential that we take time to nurture our selfbody, mind and spirit. The practice of yoga can do just that.

Who is yoga for? Yoga is personal. So no matter where you are in lifeyoung or old; athletic or just adopting a healthier lifestyle; healing from injuries, physical or emotional—yoga can be beneficial. While humility often accompanies starting something new, the choice to take first steps can bring about transformation.  Make a choice to begin...

I look forward to helping you enhance your life! Join me at a Lifestyles Yoga class in the northern suburbs of Chicago where you will find something beneficial to your well-being. 

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