Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs are a great opportunity to improve the health of employees and improve staff morale. Increased productivity and decreased absenteeism are just two of the benefits you may notice.

Yoga wellness programs are particularly beneficial as they "treat" the body, mind and soul and aspects of it are easily applied even while sitting at one's desk!


Lifestyles Yoga can customize your next workplace wellness event.

If you're interested in teaming up with Lifestyles Yoga  for a yoga-centered workplace wellness program, please contact Jacquelyn Cotey. You'll be pleased with the customized program Jacquelyn creates for your business and its unique needs, and your staff will be pleased to learn yoga techniques that they can benefit from for a lifetime.

Lifestyles Yoga Workplace Wellness Programs Include:

  • Company Sponsored Workshops
  • Company Sponsored Lunchtime Workshops
  • Sales Meetings & Executive Retreats
  • Management Workshops
  • Customized-for-your-industry Events
  • Team building events

Contact Jacquelyn Cotey at Lifestyles Yoga

If you would like more information about private yoga sessions or a customized event for your business or group, please submit this short form or call Jacquelyn Cotey at (847) 707–9577.

Jacquelyn Cotey recently taught a class at the Starbucks Marketing Conference in Chicago. The class was attended by approximately 20 marketing, PR and agency people. The overall feedback from the participants was amazing. The attendees particularly liked that the class catered to everyone; from the novice to the experienced. It was an excellent way to take a break from the conference and get everyone relaxed and refreshed to kick off a creative brainstorming meeting. I would recommend this class to other companies looking for unique and restorative activities for their staff.
— Suzanne DeChant, Starbucks Coffee Company - Regional Marketing Director