Yoga for Golfers

Jacquelyn's passion for fitness has taken her into the field of yoga for athletes. She has taught yoga classes for the Chicago Bears (see photos & publicity) and has further integrated yoga with sports into her practice by completing "Yoga for Golfers" training/certification with the renowned Katherine Roberts. 

Katherine and her revolutionary yoga program for golfers is regularly featured in Golf Magazine, and on The Golf Channel.


Benefits of Yoga for Golfers

  • Physical Improved flexibility, strength, balance, core conditioning and breathing awareness aid in focus, relaxation and visualization techniques on the golf course.
  • Flexibility Increased range of motion in the golf swing is the most obvious benefit of yoga for golfers. Swing faults caused by short tight muscles will be reduced and more club head speed will be produced as a direct result of improved flexibility.
  • Strength Described as the oldest form of "isometric strength training," certain yoga postures are weight bearing, increasing muscular strength and endurance. Yoga uses the force of gravity and your own body weight to build strength by flexing and engaging the muscles. Long lean muscles are developed, increasing strength without restricting the golf swing.
  • Balance In golf, balance in your stance and throughout the entire swing plane is vital for a repeatable, reliable golf swing.
  • Core Conditioning Working the core supports posture at address, reduces fatigue in the golf swing and putting stance, and has a direct correlation to trunk rotation, making it one of the most important aspects to enhanced golf performance. A clinically proven correlation between core abdominal strength and low back health, make the common yoga principle of "drawing the navel towards the spine" essential for the golfer.
  • Breathing Awareness The number one element in the practice of yoga, breathing awareness, has a direct relationship to the quality of the pose and the mind. Proper breathing increases blood flow to the muscles and increases core body temperature. Deep breathing enhances the ability to hold poses and increases endurance. Certain yoga postures will coordinate breathing and movement (as in dynamic stretching) or long slow breaths while you hold the pose ( as in a static style of stretching). Similarly, on the golf course when the body and mind are stressed during tight shots, bad lies and first-shot jitters, the breathing becomes jerky, rapid and strained. By practicing long slow deep breaths during the yoga practice, breathing awareness becomes second nature, an immediate tool to "feel" your game. When the body is over stressed, either in a yoga pose or in the golf swing, erratic, short breathing is the first sign of stress. By providing applicable tools for incorporating breathing into your pre-shot routine, we will help you practice rhythm and tempo.

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