Repotting Your Life


Spring is a period of renewal.

For gardeners, it’s a time to look at their landscape and make decisions—to make additions, reseed, or repot plants that have withered. 

Like the natural world, your life is dynamic and ever changing.  We are capable of transformation that may require us to redesign our personal landscape.  It might be a change in personal habits, or work or eliminating a relationship.  It could be something even more challenging like moving to a new city or starting a new business.

In gardening, the term repot means to move a plant from its current container or flower bed when it needs new conditions in order to flourish.  Sometimes we find ourselves feeling this same state of being cramped, root-bound or need to change our environment. 

Is it time to add more meaning to your life?  Is it time to repot yourself or redesign your personal landscape? 

It might be just what you need to bloom or rejuvenate your life.  Remember a garden is a work in progress just as your life is a continual journey.  Sometimes in order to bloom we need to repot ourselves. 

Happy Spring!