Healthy Lifestyle Habits We Can Learn from Our Pets

Have you ever watched the daily routines of your pet; I mean really observed and noticed the patterns in the things they do? Dogs (and cats, too) are amazing creatures in so many ways and if you pay careful attention to their habits you will quickly notice that many of their behaviors are healthy ones that we, as their human parents, should consider adopting.  Here are some healthy habits that my dog does EVERY day:


Without fail, the first thing my dog does every morning after her feet hit the floor is to stretch. When I say every morning I mean every single one, whether or not it's a holiday, rainy day, or she stayed up late (fill in your human excuse here).  And when I say stretch, I mean she gives her body a complete nose-to-tail and everything in between stretch. If you practice yoga, you would easily recognize her first two daily poses as downward dog and upward dog. Stretching and wiggling every single toe caps this short, yet intense yoga session. I suppose, her canine instincts guide her through this daily ritual so her body is prepared to sprint and hunt at a moment's notice. Perhaps if we incorporated a quick, first-morning stretch into our daily routines we too would be more ready to face the day's goals and challenges.

Other Healthy Habits

I can only assume that most instinctual animal behavior favors self preservation. So why not tune into your pet and observe all their healthy rituals and behaviors. Here are a few others I've noticed that perhaps you will too:

  • eager to walk and exercise
  • drinks water throughout the day
  • seeks sunshine and warmth
  • follows regular sleep times (going to bed and waking up)
  • loves to meet & greet and socialize with others (dogs and people)
  • gives and accepts unconditional love