5 Yoga Poses to Build Balance in Your Life

In my yoga practice I always work on balance.  Simply put, balance is the key of life. So integral is balance to our overall well-being that the Chinese even have a term for it, Yin and Yang.  

Achieving balance takes many forms, like balancing our schedules, relationships, diets, health and bodies. In fact, stability is so central to our physical well-being that our bodies self-regulate and balance through a process called homeostasis. When out of balance, pain and disease, both mental and physical, can consume us.  

It is only when we restore the balance in our bodies that we begin to heal.  Our human structure needs to be balanced through movement and static postures.  Through consistent yoga practice where we strive for alignment and balance, we will begin to see change.  Of course, perfect alignment does not exist, but the closer we come to creating balance, not only physically but also in our lives, the more our bodies will thrive.  

Problems will become more apparent as we age so taking steps daily may prevent issues and perhaps heal us when they do occur.

If you feel that your life has become a juggling act, it's critical to make a plan to bring it back into a state of calm and equilibrium.

Here are five yoga poses to help you begin to achieve balance:

  1. T Balance Pose - a variation of Warrior III (pictured)
  2. Tree Pose
  3. Eagle Pose
  4. Side Plank Pose
  5. Mountain Pose